Bea “Beazie”

Bea looking fabulous in red!

Beatrix Wall Kernan was born on Aug 22, 1918 in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was the second youngest of five sisters. Their mother, Alice, was from France. Their father, Benjamin Wall Kernan, was a prominent lawyer and professor of law at Loyola University.

In 1928, when Bea was only nine years old, her father died suddenly. It was right before the Great Depression hit. Her mother lived to be 92.

Bea started working for the New Orleans Public Service Office and was set up on a blind date. Bea and L.C. were married on April 29, 1941. Together, they had four children and loved to travel. Bea was only thirty-five and had four young children under the age of ten when L.C. suddenly passed away.

Newly widowed, Bea decided to go back to work for the Public Service office. In 1965, she met Julian Lorenzen, “Big Daddy”, and fell in love again. They moved to Bay St. Louis, MS and had many friends and threw lively parties. They loved having their children and grandchildren visit during the summer. They would go crabbing and fishing together. They would also go down to the beach and watch the fireworks. Sadly, Julian passed away in 1986 from pancreatic cancer.

In 1987, Bea and all of her five sisters traveled to Medjugorje to see the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Mount Podbrdo. She also took a cruise to Hawaii with her sister, Margie, in 2009.

Bea has survived two hurricanes; Camille in August of 1969, and then Katrina on August 28, 2005. Katrina destroyed her house and sucked it into the Gulf of Mexico. Even after losing everything, Bea continues to live with a joie de vivre. She keeps her spirits up and always chooses to look at the bright side.

Since Katrina, she has lived in Henderson, Nevada, Dallas, Texas, and Plano, Texas. She jokes that she’s a Texan and she’s, “rooting for the Cowboys unless the Saints are playing!”  Bea is a true southern lady and is thankful for all the blessings God has given her. She is always put together, gracious, and she loves to socialize. She enjoys happy hour and loves to see her friends while enjoying a glass of wine. Her fun loving and infectious spirit follow her everywhere she goes.

Bea celebrated her 101st birthday on the 22nd of August with family and friends around her.

Many people wonder what her secret is. She’ll tell you that she follows the same philosophy as her now 104-year-old sister..the 5 Fs: Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, and Fun! (Also, one drink a day never hurt.) Sweet Bea makes 101 look fabulous!

Bea now has four children, eight grandchildren, and nine great grandchildren. She is living life to the fullest.