Marian & Elmo

Elmo was born in Abilene, Texas. Elmo and Marian met when they attended Abilene High School together. Marian enjoyed school and loved English class. Upon graduation, they both decided to go to McMurry University in Abilene. They got married during Elmo’s senior year of college. In high school, Elmo was on Abilene High School’s “team of the century” and played the position of “center.” Because of that, he received a full football scholarship to McMurry under Coach Grant Teaff.

Elmo and Marian had three beautiful children and they were all born in Abilene. Marian had a variety of jobs over the years — West Texas Rehabilitation Center, credit businesses, and she was a journalist for a literary club. Elmo owned his own business, so all of their work, along with taking care of the three children, kept them very busy. Elmo didn’t have much time for hobbies, but thankfully he really enjoyed his work. He and Marian were able to travel to many wonderful places for business. Marian says they are “traveled out” now. Marian enjoyed playing tennis which she played for 35 years.

In 1974, the family relocated to Plano because Elmo received a great job opportunity and they were thrilled about that. They were equally as excited about the schools in Plano and the education that would be provided for their kids. They joined Custer Road United Methodist Church which was really growing at that time.

In 1998, the couple bought a lake cabin and they eventually renovated and built it into a house their large family could enjoy. Eventually, their son Trey expressed that he would like to purchase the lake house from them. Marian decided that it was time the couple moved closer to their doctors and their children in Plano. People have expressed to them that living on the lake would be hard to leave but Marian assured them that they have both felt so much peace and accomplishment with the move.

Marian and Elmo watched as many of their friends struggled with traveling back and forth to ailing parents (including Marian’s). They realized they did not want that for their own children. The couple realized they needed help from their children but, why not make it as easy as possible?

They were able to find a senior living community that really felt like home. They say that they’re so busy enjoying all the activities and amenities that it’s hard for their children to find them! Their decision did take their son Trey by surprise; he didn’t know his parents were thinking about making a move back to Plano. In Marian’s words, “What makes their kids happy makes them happy.”

The happy family

When Marian was asked who had influenced her life the most, her response was,”My husband of 60 years, Elmo.” She also mentioned that she doesn’t believe in a perfect marriage, but knows it takes two people to be committed to the marriage. The happiest moment of Marian’s life was when her three children were born, and then her grandchildren, and great grandson. She feels very proud about her children’s passion for education.

Marian feels like the most important lesson in life is patience. She admits she’s still working on that. Her favorite thing to do is get together with family and she enjoys playing Bridge. The world event with the biggest impact on her was 9/11. Marian wants to be remembered as a good mom and wife, and from what we have seen, that won’t be hard, she has excelled at both!

Marian also loves dogs
She’s got the best smile