Dave & Betty

Dave and Betty are the epitome of a “power couple”. Not only have they been married for 65 years (these days, a feat on its own), their resumes include employment with the FBI and NASA! These two Seniors of Significance are just that, significant.

Betty was born in Mathiston, Mississippi, to a Baptist family. Her daddy was a farmer and a deacon at their church; her grandfather was a preacher. Growing up, Betty told herself she would “never marry a farmer”. Even then, she had hopes and dreams of moving to the Big City.

Dave was born in Slidell, Louisiana, He grew up in a Catholic family. Dave went to College at Tulane University where he studied to become an Electrical Engineer. Having previously served in the military, Dave decided to take out a GI Loan of $10,000 to buy a house. Little did he know, but that house ended up being the one where he would live with his future bride.

The couple was introduced when Dave’s stepfather, who worked with Betty’s roommate in New Orleans, set them up on a group blind date. They were married 6 months later on January 16, 1954.

After high school, Betty started looking for a job. Her dad knew the assistant of J. Edgar Hoover, who got her a job with the FBI in Washington, DC in 1947. Betty worked there for 8 years doing research for the agents on their cases. Ultimately, she wanted to be closer to “home” and a post was available in Louisiana which was where she met Dave, her love.

A signed photo of J. Edgar Hoover and Betty’s FBI ID hang in their home office today.

In 1957, the couple relocated to Lakeland, Florida for Dave’s job. Those were the early beginnings of Cape Kennedy (later renamed, Cape Canaveral) and Dave was interested in being a part of that. Of course, it was big news in Florida and Dave’s background made him an ideal candidate. Ultimately, Dave would be designing and building their power plants.

Dave’s credentials, allowing All Access to launch pads

In 1959, the couple welcomed their first child, a son who they named Glynn. That same year, Dave applied for a job at the Cape with Pan American World Airways as a Facility Engineer. He got the job as a Range Contractor under NASA and worked on the firing range for shooting missiles, he also designed launch pads. As you can imagine, there was a lot going on the Cape during this time…the Polaris submarines were there and they would test their rockets in the ocean outside of the Cape…an exciting time, indeed. When Pan American lost their contract, Dave started working for Dow Chemical. He managed Launch Pads A & B and all of their facilities. Those launch pads are still used today! When Dow lost their contract, Dave and Betty were given the choice to move to Charlotte or Houston. They chose Houston, where they welcomed three more children, Marcy, Mark, and Steven. Dave began to manage every Dow Chemical facility worldwide. This is the job that introduced him to international travel.

In 2012, the couple decided to move to Keller so they could be closer to their only daughter, and they’ve been there ever since.

When asked the secret to 65 years of marriage Betty replied that she has, “never threatened to leave him”. It could also be the Egg Custard Pie Betty makes for Dave that she won’t make for anyone else. If you happen to stop in for a visit, banana pudding is Betty’s favorite.

The love between these two is precious